Ever since Demonetisation took place in 2016, the financialisation of Indian savings i.e. households saving through financial assets (equity, debt, deposits, life insurance, health insurance etc.) rather than through gold & real estate has proceeded apace. In fact, thanks to this trend, even second rung mutual funds and life insurance providers have seen heavy inflows over the past four years. Covid-19 seems to have further hastened financialisation as SME owners have realised that real estate gives you nothing – neither meaningful cashflow nor capital appreciation – during exigencies. However, this shift among HNWs – as they change their savings patterns – brings with it a new set of challenges for such individuals. In this webinar with Monika Halan, an authority on personal finance in India, we discussed four key challenges facing HNWs’ as they switch from physical to financial savings: 1. How big should one’s retirement pot be at the age of 40, 50 & 60? 2. How does one asset allocate one’s retirement across various physical and financial assets? 3. How should one think about life insurance and health insurance in the context of his/her own long term savings plan? 4. How should one think about the more exotic investment opportunities that are being made available to Indian HNWs’ eg. US equities, Indian Private Equity funds, long-short funds, credit risk funds. More about the speaker: Monika Halan is the author of the bestselling book Let’s Talk Money and a Consulting Editor with Mint. She is an MA in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics and in Journalism Studies from University of Wales. She has worked across media organisations and run four successful TV series. She was an advisor to the Swarup Committee, a member on the Bose Committee, a member on the Task Force of the Financial Redressal Agency and is a member on the Sebi Mutual Fund Committee. She is the author of two academic papers. Halan is based in New Delhi and was a Yale World Fellow in 2011.

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