Rising Giant PMS


High quality mid-sized companies have been amongst the biggest wealth creators in Indian equities over the last 3, 5 and 10 years. Marcellus Rising Giants PMS intends to identify and invest in such high quality mid-sized companies (typically less than INR 75bn market-capitalisation, predominantly in the INR 7 to 75bn range) with: 1) Well moated dominant franchises in niche segments; 2) A track record of prudent capital allocation with high reinvestment in the core business and continuous focus on adjacencies for growth; and 3) Clean accounts and impeccable corporate governance.

Portfolio Construction

From a universe of ~450 companies in this segment, a portfolio is constructed of 15-20 companies which make it past Marcellus’ proprietary forensic accounting & capital allocation filters as well as our bottom-up stock selection & position sizing framework.