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Creative Destruction on an Epic Scale in India Inc

As per data from the Income Tax department, of all Indian companies that filed non-zero tax returns for FY22, only 17% saw growth in PAT in real terms over the preceding ten years. And these 17% accounted for 98% of corporate India’s PAT. Furthermore, data from the CMIE shows that the prospect of upward mobility (in terms […]

Jun 26 . 17 MIN READ
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India Stack 2.0: Using AI to Democratize Access to Tech

India’s methodical build of digital public goods, starting with Aadhaar, followed by Jan Dhan (bank accounts for all), and accompanied by affordable mobile connections (courtesy Jio) has led to successes such as the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). The next step in this journey seems likely to be to ensure that India Stack becomes truly transformative […]

May 15 . 15 MIN READ
Consistent Compounders

The Underdog Ascends: The Rise of a New Indian Elite

  The joining up of India, digitally and physically, has democratized access to economic opportunities. This has helped new groups of people rise in the Indian economy. These newly ascendant people are neither based in India’s megacities, nor did they study in elite universities and nor do they belong to the socially privileged castes. From […]

Apr 07 . 15 MIN READ
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The Rise of the Woman Voter Has Big Investment Implications

  Amongst registered Indian voters, more women today are voting than men. The rise in women’s active participation in politics (despite lower representation in Parliament) is a culmination of greater access to information and to business opportunities and greater availability of free time. All of these have been, in part, facilitated by positive policy changes. […]

Mar 15 . 11 MIN READ
Consistent Compounders

The Mega Opportunity in Indian Megacaps

Although India’s 20 most profitable listed companies (the ‘Megacaps’) account for around 50% of the profits generated by the BSE 500 companies, these Megacaps account for just 34% of the BSE500’s market cap (down from 41% a decade ago and 45% nearly two decades ago). Indian retail investors’ fascination with SmallCaps seems to be the […]

Feb 29 . 6 MIN READ
Consistent Compounders

The Polarization of Corporate Profits in India is Reducing

  In the decade running up to Covid-19, corporate profits were increasingly polarized in India i.e., the top 20 listed companies accounted for an ever-larger share of India Inc’s profit pie. However, since FY21 the picture has changed as smaller companies have begun to grow their profits faster than the top 20 listed companies. This […]

Feb 07 . 11 MIN READ
Consistent Compounders

Marcellus’ Portfolio Leads India’s Capex Change

  Whilst public sector capex has grown steadily in India between FY19 and FY23 (14% CAGR in nominal terms), the same is NOT true for private sector capex (7% CAGR in nominal terms). In such a scenario, Marcellus’ portfolio companies have grown capex (i.e., net block) significantly faster than the capex growth in the BSE500 […]

Jan 20 . 8 MIN READ
Consistent Compounders

The Rapid Rise of Female Entrepreneurs in India

  Data from the RBI shows that women in India’s urban areas have more money in their accounts than men. Across all levels of the education system, Indian women are outnumbering and outperforming Indian men. Both during our travels and through our number crunching, we can see that urban women are getting wealthier, thanks to […]

Jan 11 . 10 MIN READ
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Marcellus Christmas Special: How India Changed Its Master Narrative

‘Master narratives’ are culturally shared stories that guide the thoughts and behaviours of the citizens of a country. After surviving the dark, desperate decades immediately following Independence, India has reinvented its master narrative over the past 20 years. The world-beating performance of the Nifty50 over the last 20 years, the widely hailed Mangalyaan mission that […]

Dec 23 . 16 MIN READ
Consistent Compounders

From Konappana Agrahara to Electronic City: A Village as a Microcosm of India

Three decades ago, the fortunes of two tiny villages ~20 kms away from Bengaluru changed for the better. In 1992, Infosys set up its campus in these villages and triggered a transformation in what is now known as Electronic City. This monumental change created winners (the tech companies, their employees, landowners) and losers (landless farmers, […]

Dec 08 . 14 MIN READ
Consistent Compounders

How Policymakers Have Driven Economic Change in India

Post-1947, India’s economy has been through four distinct eras. Now, with socialism fading away and with the country increasingly operating as a free market economy, we see five distinct directions in which India’s economy will evolve over the next decade: (1) Profits will polarize in the hands of a few highly efficient companies; (2) Wealth […]

Nov 25 . 25 MIN READ
Consistent Compounders

A Century Spent Answering Four Questions

Over the past century, every politician and policymaker who has governed India has wrestled with four critical questions: (a) Can the free market deliver economic development OR does the Government have to do the job? (b) Can India gain from opening itself to the wider world OR will the world act as a ‘drain’ on […]

Nov 10 . 18 MIN READ

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