Given that each year 60 companies enter the BSE500, there are indeed strong economic drivers which help well run small firms explode into prominence. From an investors’ viewpoint, in the three-year run-up to entering the BSE500, new entrants outperform the index by a CAGR of 40%, indicating significant return opportunity before these stocks are discovered by institutional investors.
How does Marcellus see the opportunity and build a portfolio of companies with stellar track records of capital allocation, clean accounts and high growth potential? Why should one consider investing in Marcellus Little Champs? To answer these questions a Webinar was conducted on 28th Jan 2020 where in panelists Mr. Saurabh Mukherjea (CIO), Mr. Ashvin Shetty(Fund Manager Little Champs) and Mr. Pramod Gubbi(Head of Sales) interacted with clients about the new small cap PMS.
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