Little Champs PMS


Marcellus Little Champs is our small-cap focused strategy. On an average over the last ten years, about ~50 stocks have entered/exited BSE 500 every year indicating a high degree of churn. A stock entering the BSE 500 tends to significantly outperform the Index in the years preceding the inclusion. Our aim is to identify such stocks and capture the strong performance as much as possible.

Fee Structure

Fixed fees: 1.5% per annum (charged quarterly) Performance fees: 20% profit share above a 10% hurdle. Performance fees will be charged on cumulative gains at the third anniversary*. Performance fees will be charged without catch-up i.e. the first 10% return per annum (net of fixed fees) will be not be subject to performance fees. High water mark applies for performance fees. *If redeemed prior to the completion of three years, performance fees will be charged as on redemption date Exit Load: 3%, 2% and 1% if redeemed in the first, second and third year respectively Minimum investment: INR 50 lacs