Performance data is net of annual performance fees (Except for Little Champs Portfolio) charged for client accounts whose account anniversary date falls up to the last date of this performance period. Since fixed fees and expenses are charged on a quarterly basis, effect of the same has been incorporated up to 30th June, 2022. For Little Champs portfolio, since performance fees are charged on cumulative gains at the 3rd anniversary of the respective client account, the effect of the same has not been incorporated in the performance data. (The returns are as on 31st July, 2022)

Inception Date & Benchmark:

Consistent Compounders Portfolio: Inception: 1st Dec,2018 Benchmark: Nifty 50 TRI

Little Champs Portfolio: Inception:28th Aug,2019 Benchmark: S&P BSE Small Cap TRI

Kings of Capital Portfolio: Inception:28th July ,2020 Benchmark: Bank Nifty TRI

Rising Giants Portfolio: Inception:27th Dec ,2021 Benchmark: BSE 500 TRI

 “It is important to develop a habit of avoiding catastrophe”

 We had recently hosted a webinar with William Green—author of the book “Richer, Wiser, Happier”. William has interviewed many fund managers over the decades and has captured his learnings from those meetings in the book “Richer, Wiser, Happier”. Below are the key highlights of the webinar (for watching the entire webinar please click here).

How to become rich? – By not making big mistakes.

In his book and webinar, William says that all the great fund managers avoid making big mistakes. Smart investors avoid making big mistakes by avoiding the below things which most of us end up doing:

  1. Chase assets they don’t understand
  2. Buying the priciest and most popular asset/stock
  3. Chase latest fad
  4. Trade too often
  5. Buying cyclical companies without understanding the downturns
  6. Making macro predictions
  7. Desire to become rich very soon, etc

As Charlie Munger says,  “great investing requires a lot of delayed gratificationand hence it is important for us to stay invested in good set of companies long term and allow it to compound.

Apart from wealth, focus on health & happiness

Apart from compounding wealth, one common aspect amongst all the great fund managers is that they also focus on their health and happiness. One must identify a handful of habits like exercising regularly, meditation, take good sleep, eat healthy, spend time with family etc. and make it part of their day-to-day life.

To conclude, we will request you to read the book and/or listen to the webinar to know how the world’s greatest investors win in markets and life.

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STP FAQ https://marcellus.helpscoutdocs.com/article/96-stp
SIP FAQ https://marcellus.helpscoutdocs.com/article/100-systematic-investment-plan-sip-faqs

 **For product/sales related queries please write to sales@marcellus.in**


  1. Release of New Version of PMS Forms.

We are happy to release the New Version of the PMS forms and Fee Schedules with reduce numbers of signature by >50% in count, added regulatory changes, digital adoption changes, changes thru Feedback from clients and internal stakeholders including Risk & Compliance.

Some of the listed Changes are mentioned:

  • Reduction in form sign by 50% from the last version.
  • Considering the digitization adaption KYC details of all applicants is comprehensively consolidated in one page.
  • Consolidated Negative security/Stock restriction information in single table along additional clause for negative security applicability for existing all strategy where first applicant is same.
  • Repetitive information i.e, Client name, date, place etc is removed.
  • Reduction in KYC form Pages due to consolidation of client info.
  • POA witness sign reduced to one from earlier two.
  • Handwritten clause has been simplified without changing the context
  • Inclusion of unique Version no’s to each constituent of the form.

We have uploaded the new version forms on the website and below is the link: “https://marcellus.in/marcellus-forms”/ Account Opening Forms.

Please note that the old version will not be accepted effective 31st Aug’22.

2. Marcellus Web CIF – Resident Indian Investors
We have taken one step forward with digitization to deliver better user experience for our new investors and partners. We have gone live with online Web CIF (link below) for Resident Indian clients wherein all client details can be filled and submitted to Marcellus along with an upload of all the requisite KYC documents; you no longer need to fill in the excel spreadsheet for Resident Indian clients.

     Process Steps to fill in the Web CIF (Resident Indian)

  1. Kindly keep a soft copy of all KYC documents in PDF/JPEG format handy before filling the form
  2. Link to access Web CIF – https://investor-resources.marcellus.in/generate-shorturl-cif-distributor
  3. Fill the basic details and click on generate URL.
  4. Copy the URL and paste in new web page to access Client Information Form
  5. Fill in the mandatory details on the Web CIF page and upload all KYC documents, Investor details filled in the form should match with KYC documents.
  6. At the end, insert captcha and then click on ‘Submit’
  7. An acknowledgement email will be sent to you on receipt of Web CIF details at Marcellus
  8. Marcellus team will validate the complete information in CIF and KYC documents and proceed further with form preparation.

3.Digital Sign Up for New clients.

We are happy to announce the Go Live of Digital Sign-up for New client investment. With this  utility all the Resident Individual clients who are signing the document in India can make use of this digital initiatives.

  Key derived benefits from this Initiatives are:

  1. Digital execution through Aadhaar esign
  2. Paperless execution
  3. Reduction of TAT
  4. Eliminate discrepancies with quick deployment of funds
  5. Reduction in back and forth of client documents and forms.

Better client experience

Process Steps for the Marcellus Digital Sign Up.

To process with the Digital Sign Up for the New client, below are the criteria’s to be fulfilled.

  • Client is KRA verified.
  • Client’s Mobile no. to be linked with the Aadhar and the no. should be active as the OTP will be sent to the registered no.
  • Digital Sign-up process.

4.Digital Sign-Up for Existing Client

  • Existing Client Sign-up is basically for the clients who have an Active investment with Marcellus and wish to sign-up a new strategy through signing only an Investment Approach.
  • With this utility all the Resident Individual clients who are signing the document in India can make use of this digital initiatives.

Key derived benefits from this Initiatives are:

  • Reduction in TAT for processing of Existing account
  • No paperwork involved, 100% digital
  • Eliminate Discrepancies with quick Fund Deployments
  • Less coordination with Distributors / Client
  • Better client onboarding experience.

5.Extended 100 % Form Filling support for NRI and Non-Individual client offered by Marcellus.

  • In our endeavor to smoothen the process of NRI Account opening, we have taken it upon ourselves to pre-fill the NRI application forms for our Partner/Distributor clients.
  • We have facilitated a separate process wherein, based on the “Client Information & KYC documents”, we at Marcellus, will prepare the PMS Account opening booklet for your clients.
  • The Prefilled Forms with all the requisite Sign & IPV markings, will be couriered to the preferred address of the Partners/Client.

Key benefits of this Process are listed down:

  • Enable KRA check and identify need for IPV/OSV upfront and filter AML Validation.
  • Improvise TAT of account opening and enable clients to invest sooner.
  • Eliminate Re-iteration of seeking information and ratification from client to solve observations.
  • Service & Operations efficiency at both Marcellus and Business Partner end.

Process Steps for the Marcellus Form Support:

Prefilled forms will be couriered to the requested address with T+1 days of the complete validation date.

Important Notes:

  • All information in CIF is mandatory and will be used in filling of complete form.
  • Incomplete CIF, or missing info. or unclear documents will be rejected by SRM at the time of validation process and will not be processed for form preparations.
  • Request clients to share clear images of the proof scan copies requested and in the readable format, unclear copies will not be accepted.
  • All CIF submitted before 12:00 pm will be considered for validation on same day and dispatch by next working day.
  • All CIF Received after 12.00 PM will be considered for dispatch on T+2 working day.
  • Ensure to mention the “Dispatchment Address” in the CIF.

**For operational related queries please write to clientsupport@marcellus.in**

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