Siddharth Joshi

Siddharth has 17 years of experience in managing technology cutting across core development, Infrastructure

Siddharth has 17 years of experience in managing technology cutting across core development, Infrastructure, DevOps, Engineering and Automation. Prior to joining Marcellus, Siddharth worked with Nomura for over a decade where he provided Technology consultation and solution to a wide variety of Business functions including Investment, Trading, Operations and Risk. His area of expertise includes building IT from the ground up and delivering complex transformation projects.

Qualification: Siddharth is an Engineering graduate from Rajeev Gandhi University.

Articles by team Marcellus

How Will Tight System Liquidity Impact KCP?

Given consistently strong credit demand and weak deposit growth, we are now staring at a tough funding environment with banking sector credit to deposit ratio at an all-time high of ~80%. This funding environment along with consistent regulatory action will separate the men from the boys in the upcoming quarters leading to divergent growth outcomes […]

Portfolio performance and update on Fundamentals

*For relative performance of particular Investment Approach to other Portfolio Managers within the selected strategy, please refer Under PMS Provider Name please select Marcellus Investment Managers Private Limited and select your Investment Approach Name for viewing the stated disclosure   Consistent Compounders Portfolio (CCP) In our recent CCP newsletter (click here ) we highlighted that long periods of […]

The Underdog Ascends: The Rise of a New Indian Elite

  The joining up of India, digitally and physically, has democratized access to economic opportunities. This has helped new groups of people rise in the Indian economy. These newly ascendant people are neither based in India’s megacities, nor did they study in elite universities and nor do they belong to the socially privileged castes. From […]


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