Siddharth Joshi

Siddharth has 17 years of experience in managing technology cutting across core development, Infrastructure

Siddharth has 17 years of experience in managing technology cutting across core development, Infrastructure, DevOps, Engineering and Automation. Prior to joining Marcellus, Siddharth worked with Nomura for over a decade where he provided Technology consultation and solution to a wide variety of Business functions including Investment, Trading, Operations and Risk. His area of expertise includes building IT from the ground up and delivering complex transformation projects.

Qualification: Siddharth is an Engineering graduate from Rajeev Gandhi University.

Articles by team Marcellus

Spotlighting Eureka Forbes

In this month’s newsletter, we delve deeper into Eureka Forbes Limited (EFL) one of the new additions to the portfolio. We see several earnings growth levers for EFL over the next 5 years: (a) Increase in the water purifiers (WP) category penetration backed by improved tap water supply, and initiatives taken by the WP companies […]

CCP’s Amplified Exposure to ‘Enterprising Compounders’

Businesses with strong competitive advantages (and hence high ROCEs), can be categorized into different types based on their capital allocation decisions. Amongst these, the most enterprising ones (the ‘enterprising compounders’) are those which reinvest capital not only to strengthen and evolve their core business, but also to scale up new businesses consistently. Shareholder returns from such businesses […]

Creative Destruction on an Epic Scale in India Inc

As per data from the Income Tax department, of all Indian companies that filed non-zero tax returns for FY22, only 17% saw growth in PAT in real terms over the preceding ten years. And these 17% accounted for 98% of corporate India’s PAT. Furthermore, data from the CMIE shows that the prospect of upward mobility (in terms […]


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