Over the past year, we have been researching the ascendancy of Indian women in terms of educational attainment and professional success. This research in turn has led us to ramp-up investments in companies whose offerings are primarily purchased by women. In this context, we enjoyed reading this piece from Anup Roy which says:

“Women in India are far more likely to seek formal employment if their mother-in-law has a job, a study has found. In urban households where the mother-in-law is employed, daughters-in-law are 70% more likely to be employed, and 50% more likely in rural areas, according to the State of Working India 2023 report by Azim Premji University released this week.

Mothers-in-law are often feared or revered by younger Indian women, who traditionally move into the groom’s family after marriage. Gender norms, amplified by strong intergenerational effect, play a crucial role in the lives of Indian women that could make up half of the labor pool. The report also found that the pandemic has pushed more women into self-employment. Before Covid, 50% of women were self-employed. That has risen 60%…”

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