The movie industry globally has had this Sci- Fi sub-genre “Climatic Apocalypse” movies, which gained momentum in the 90s and is still profitably milking it. If you watch them again (and tone down the magnitude and special effects) you will find it is more relatable and it is happening for real. Eerily unravelling like Nostradamus predictions that few believe in but some of those happen to coincide with real life events.
It is almost ironical that anything good can come out of the constantly capricious weather. But unlike the movie industry, the most obvious industry profiting from consequences of global warming is the weather industry.
A niche weather data industry that would gather data from various sources and based on in depth parameters allowing them to collate, analyse and sell this information to relevant sectors. ” ..companies may increasingly be paying for access to private data, trend analyses and forecasts, as part of the expansion of a new weather industry that is exploiting modern tools such as machine learning, automated sensing, internet-connected devices, and cloud computing.”
Weather is a sector which is predominantly owned by governments globally. But with the onset of many private weather data collectors this might change soon.
“We are at a tipping point where the technology of weather forecasting, which was dominated by government and is still is, is going to change,” says Shimon Elkabetz, CEO of ClimaCell.
 The unified data from public and private would mean accuracy, verifiability and more actionable information. Imagine getting personalized forecasts  like “road surface temperature, atmospheric temperature, moisture and pressure. It would mean we might soon be able to traverse small scale climatic events and make our lives safer and more efficient,
Getting hourly forecasts, avoiding slippery spots and storms, or bands of heavy rain and snow while on the road/ocean/ air or anywhere on Earth might soon be a story of very near future.

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