Those of us who grew up in fish-eating families were often force-fed fish by our tiger mums or grandmums on the pretext that “eating fish makes you cleverer”. Whilst as children we used to think that this was gobbledygook, now as middle-aged professionals we are realising that our elders were on to something.

As per this video produced by the BBC, latest research shows that a traditional Japanese diet – which is rich in fish, soyabeans, mushrooms – is not just extremely healthy (low fat, low cholesterol), it also helps prevent cognitive decline and dementia. Interestingly, such a diet helps women’s brains more than it helps male brains.

The reason for that is NOT that men don’t have any brains in the first place. The reason is that fish, soyabeans, mushrooms, etc have specific chemicals like magnesium which are particularly beneficial for women’s brains.

In contrast, alcohol has been shown – as per this video – to cause “structural damage to the brain.”

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