In an era characterised by vacuous nationalism, it is refreshing to come across a landmark announcement by a small country which is on the rise and on the make. Bangladesh’s inauguration of its longest bridge is one such landmark announcement made that much more memorable by the fact that the bridge also helps Marcellus staff who trace their roots to Bangladesh:
“It is a proud moment for Bangladesh. The euphoric chant of “Padma nationalism”, that greeted Saturday’s inauguration of the longest bridge across the choppy waters of the river, has suitably overshadowed the contretemps that preceded the grandstanding. The opening of the 6.15 km bridge across the swirling waters is verily a watershed development on the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Bangladesh…
The bridge envisages economic development to facilitate trade and commerce and also, of course, to ensure better and faster connectivity. The economic impact will be considerable not the least because a person can travel from one corner of the country to another without using the ferry services, almost historical. Besides aiding travel within the country, the bridge will cut travel time between Dhaka and Kolkata by two hours. It is a measure of the strategic importance of the bridge that its inaugural was celebrated across the country….
It is expected to push the country’s GDP up by over 1.23 per cent…
The Padma bridge, the country’s longest rail-road connector, will drastically reduce journey times. But it does more – it boosts the morale of a country that has strarted to believe it can find ways out of its endemic poverty.”

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