Nowadays Indians love to talk about the decline of their former colonial rulers, the British. Justified triumphalism about the Indian economy’s superior performance soon gives way to less justified scorning of the liberal values espoused elsewhere in the world. Last week the Indian Express reported on an event in the UK, where the British Prime Minister, openly embraced his Hindu roots without compromising on his Britishness:

“British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who met renowned Ramayan ‘kathakar’ Morari Bapu at Cambridge University on Tuesday on the Indian Independence Day, said he was there “not as prime minister but as a Hindu”.

Sunak called himself a “proud British” and a “proud Hindu” as he addressed a gathering of people of Indian origin at the Jesus College which is hosting such an event for the first time to mark Morari Bapu’s 921st recital titled ‘Manas Vishwavidyalay’, said a release.

Sunak began his address with a “Jai Siya Ram” and said: “Being Prime Minister is a great honour, but it is not an easy job…He added how a “golden Ganesha sits gleefully on my desk at 10 Downing Street”.”

The day India’s leaders embrace minority faiths with as much enthusiasm and openness as the British PM’s demonstrated love for his cultural roots, that’s the day we should celebrate the unusual rise of modern India.

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