In case you are amongst the few people who haven’t yet watched the superhit Malayali movie, “Minnal Murali” you should sit down in front of this Netflix Global top 10 movie this very minute. As Priyanka Roy writes “Even more than a month after its release, the Minnal Murali wave continues to hold audiences in thrall. The Malayalam superhero film set in a village in Kerala has become a global sensation, buoyed by its story, simplicity and sentimental value. Standing tall, of course, is a compelling performance by Tovino Thomas who lends both innocence and power to his eponymous character that metamorphoses from a tailor to a superhero after being struck by a lightning bolt. The Basil Joeph-directed film is the third Indian film to be in Netflix’s Global Top 10 list of non-English movies.”
This interview with the hero, Tovino Thomas, talks about how people are now having Minnal Murali themed weddings and how he felt when the move entered Netflix’s Global top3. So what make Minnal Murali a global hit? Here is what the man of the moment has to say about it: “Almost every superhero film in Hollywood is set in New York, we set ours in an imaginary village named Kurukkanmoola….
In our imaginary village in Minnal Murali, we didn’t have any skyscrapers or fancy cars. We wanted it to look real and work minimally on the VFX. We didn’t want a VFX world in this film… we wanted it to look real. We had to brainstorm a lot on how a superhero in Kurukkanmoola would behave, without any of the fancy trappings that we see in films of this genre. It’s not that he gets struck by lightning and wakes up the next morning and starts saving people. He doesn’t even realise at first that he has superpowers, and that was the fun part of it. And hence, we didn’t take blind inspirations or references from other superhero movies, though we do have the familiar tropes that we have used in a fresh manner.”

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