At Marcellus, we prefer to hire our research analysts via an internship program and for interns we tend to lean towards those with an accounting or a CFA qualification as opposed to an MBA. We don’t seem to be alone in that with the MBA program globally falling out of favour to the extent that applications to US B-schools have now declined steadily for five years with several universities shutting down their MBA programs. One such university, Johns Hopkins fell short of shutting down but is instead reorienting its MBA program to reflect the needs of today’s business world – focus on data science and analytics.
“There was a recognition that employer taste or needs for M.B.A.s may be changing over time and that prospective students may be sort of re-evaluating, based on the cost, based on opportunity cost,” Mr. Triantis said.
Mr. Triantis said that even in a gloomy business-school market, a university of Johns Hopkins’s caliber should prove an exception to the rule. To understand why it wasn’t, the university enlisted the help of an outside consulting firm, Prophet, to understand what the Carey Business School was lacking.
 A key finding from the research: Employers said they needed M.B.A.s with data-science and data-analytics skills. While students don’t need to be data scientists, they need to be able to supervise a team of them, Mr. Triantis said. That means they have to understand what certain software and tools are capable of, what analyses can be done with them and then make solid decisions based on sifting through data.
More broadly, employers want to see an emphasis on science, technology and math skills in combination with softer skills like leadership that have been so in vogue in recent years.”

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