Three Longs & Three Shorts

How to Stop Overthinking Everything

Author: Melody Wilding
Source: Harvard Business Review ( )

We all end up making myriad decisions in our daily lives, be it our workplace or matters related to family or home. At times, we tend to get caught up a bit too much in the nuances trying to make the perfect decision as result end up not just losing productivity but also suffering from decision fatigue. Some of us suffer from this more than the rest. Melody Wilding, the author of “Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work” helps us with some ideas to deal with this problem and hopefully overcome it.
First, she reckons we should stop aiming for the perfect decision as such a thing rarely exists (other than in hindsight).
Second, as she calls it ‘Right size the problem’ – get a sense of importance and gravity of that decision and accordingly dedicate time and effort rather than mulling over every small decision with the same degree of focus.
Third, leverage intuition. We often under-estimate how much of intuition we are building as we go along and hence tend not to make use of it enough.
Fourth, eliminate as many routine decisions as it suits you – for some, it could be what to wear or what to eat.
Fifth, set time constraints creatively so you don’t end up endlessly pondering.
A quick read yett useful for almost all of us.