Three Longs & Three Shorts

How Slack ruined work

Author: Sean Hargrave
Source: Wired (

Technology has made the world smaller & closer but there is a flip slide to it. Instant messaging apps like Slack, WhatsApp and others have changed the way we communicate with each other. Today, people feel more comfortable in picking up the phone and messaging rather than meeting face to face or getting on a call.
SLACK is an instant messaging app used in corporates to communicate with each other either individually or in a group. Sean Hargrave discusses the downside of using SLACK and the dangers of getting hooked to it. Users of instant messaging apps often feel distracted. Sean quotes Lucas Miller, lecturer at Haas School of Business at Berkeley University to make his point: “Technology advances usually supplant what has come before but Slack hasn’t, it’s just doubled the pain,” he says. The problem, Miller explains, goes beyond the inconvenience of monitoring another inbox. He sees Slack as a particularly “scary offender” in stopping people getting their work done because it encourages them to be constantly distracted. It’s scary because messenger-based systems directly tap into how humans seek to reward themselves, and the long term result is unhealthy.
People end up checking their app frequently to stay updated on work rather than doing work. Another problem of using instant messaging app in workplace is that your seniors/boss are part of the messaging group and fear of being constantly monitored increases significantly.”
We must make sure that we control messaging apps and not the other way around else this new age apps can cause havoc in our professional and personal lives.