In case you haven’t noticed it, India’s summers are increasingly becoming insanely hot. This is not the findings of a Western funded NGO which wants to scupper the ‘India Story’. Instead, this is the result of simply plotting the temperature data from India’s Met Department. If you click on the link shown in the source, you will see the scary temperature plot. If are too busy to see the chart which shows how India is becoming a giant frying pan in the summer months, you should read this:

“Looking at mean temperature records in India since 1901, it is apparent that the country has become hotter as the decades have gone by. Compared to the average of mean temperature between 1901 and 1910 – 25.16° Celsius -, winters have gradually become warmer, while summer – and spring – heat has increased. While January and February temperatures were still 4.6° Celsius below the 1901-10 average in 1911-20, that had decreased to 4.3° Celsius on average in 2011-20. While in 1911-20, summer temps diverged by 2.6° C, they most recently exceeded the old average by 3.1° C. Spring (March-May) actually saw the biggest average increase in mean temperature in the given time frame – from a 2.0° C divergence in 1911-20 to a 2.7° C divergence only 100 years later.”

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