Contrary to what you might have heard about the merits of waking up at 5am, Ms Berwick of the FT says that as per the results arising from new scientific studies, you should take it easy in the morning: “….a new study suggests there are real health benefits to be gained from sleeping in until 7am (at least). Rising when it’s actually light, exercising in a morning window that suits you — it all sounds too reasonable to be true. And yet, according to research just published in the journal Obesity, exercise between 7am and 9am — in my case clocking up 9,000-odd steps on the way to and from outdoor swimming sessions — is apparently the key to staying trim.”

Interestingly, waking up too early also makes you immoral later in the day: “…it turns out that getting up too early makes you immoral. I have paraphrased slightly but 2014 research summarised in the Harvard Business Review is published under the startling headline: “Morning People Are Less Ethical at Night”. It shows that these “larks” — the people naturally (or possibly unnaturally?) up with the dawn get more unethical in their decision-making as the day goes on.”

Also, she says its sexist to extol the virtues of rising early in the morning: “Adhering to a rigid morning regime has always had sexism and privilege baked into it: it suggests you have someone else, whether that’s a spouse or paid help, doing the caring shift at home. (I’ll never stop marvelling at the fantastically selfish morning routines of the self-proclaimed successful men — and they are nearly always men — on LinkedIn.)”

Finally, you should know that scientific research shows that if you don’t get enough sleep, it starts impairing the functioning of your memory. Now you know why you tend to forget important birthdays and anniversaries.

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