Performance data is net of annual performance fees (Except for Little Champs Portfolio) charged for client accounts  whose account anniversary date falls up to the last date of this performance period. Since fixed fees and expenses are  charged on a quarterly basis, effect of the same has been incorporated up to 30th April 2023. For Little Champs  portfolio, since performance fees are charged on cumulative gains at the third anniversary of the respective client  account, the effect of the same has not been incorporated in the performance data. (The returns are as on 31st May, 2023)

For relative performance of particular Investment Approach to other Portfolio Managers within the selected strategy, please refer  https://www.apmiindia.org/apmi/WSIAConsolidateReport.htm?action=showReportMenu. Under PMS Provider Name please select Marcellus  Investment Managers Private Limited and select your Investment Approach Name for viewing the stated disclosure. 

Inception Date & Benchmark: 

Consistent Compounders Portfolio: Inception: 1st Dec,2018 Benchmark: Nifty 50 TRI 

Little Champs Portfolio: Inception:28th Aug,2019 Benchmark: BSE 500 TRI 

Kings of Capital Portfolio: Inception:28th July ,2020 Benchmark: Nifty 50 TRI 

Rising Giants Portfolio: Inception:27th Dec ,2021 Benchmark: BSE 500 TRI 

The last 15 months were tough, globally, for our style of quality/growth-oriented portfolios, driven by –

  •  High commodity prices owing to the Russia-Ukraine conflict denting operating margins 
  • Global supply chain disruptions due to China lockdown impacting inventory (and thereby working capital) cycles
  •  An unprecedented 450bp rate hike by the US Fed triggering a shift from ‘long equity’ to ‘long bond’ (and a  preference for value over growth) causing large FII outflows and a significant correction in valuations 

However, a shift in these macro trends over the last few months – interest rates peaking, commodity prices and inflation  stabilising etc. – has resulted in a meaningful pick up in our portfolio performance – CCP is up ~12% while RGP is up  ~10.3% since 1st April (vs 7.09% Nifty and 8.53% BSE500). The fact that this has coincided with a ~USD8bn FII inflow should  come as no surprise. 

Do note, however, that any reversal in stock price performance needs to be backed by strong fundamentals. Our portfolio  companies have continued to exhibit robust fundamentals during this period but a sharp correction in their stock prices  has widened the valuation mispricing, which has perhaps caught the attention of FIIs. Regardless, it has helped us  tactically rebalance our portfolio towards stocks where the margin of safety has expanded significantly. Please see below  the screenshot showcasing the strong fundamentals of our portfolios.  

Knowing what’s important amidst NOISE:  

An unwavering focus on fundamentals is the backbone of our investing philosophy. Amidst all the noise over the last 15  months, we believe we have done reasonably well to not deviate from our framework or get swayed by short term factors  and to focus on what is truly important – assessing the underlying strength of our portfolio companies’ businesses and  their long term potential. 

In a recent blog, Morgan Housel has beautifully summarised this aspect (read here – https://collabfund.com/blog/paying attention/) – 

“There are two types of knowledge: Expiring and permanent. 

Expiring knowledge is things like quarterly earnings, election polls, market information, and politics. It catches more  attention than it should, for two reasons. One, there’s a lot of it, eager to capture our short attention spans. Two, we  chase it down, anxious to squeeze out insight before it loses relevance. 

Permanent knowledge tends to be principles and frameworks that help you make sense of expiring information.” “Asking how long you’ll care about the information you read pushes you to focus on permanent things and care little  about temporary things – a great mindset for long-term thinking.” 

On that note, our assessment of the Q4FY23 earnings (in the context of the full year FY23) reinforced our conviction on  the fundamental progression of our portfolio companies’ businesses. 

Q4FY23 – Financials: 

System loan growth remained healthy in Q4 and stood at 15% YoY. However, all our investee lenders posted YoY loan  book growth in excess of industry growth – suggesting continuation of steady market share gains. Margins have likely  peaked for the sector and we expect them to moderate from Q1/Q2FY24 onwards. While this may put pressure on RoAs  for all lenders, most of them have invested massively in manpower, distribution and technology in last 2,3 years which  should see some operating leverage benefits flow through. 

Q4FY23 – Non-financials: 

Amongst non-financial stocks, there was significant improvement in operating margins due to cost pressures abating – in  most cases, margins are back to normalised levels or in some cases higher than even pre-covid levels (eg. Asian Paints).  In our flagship CCP portfolio, FY23 top-line growth of 19% yoy signifies that underlying demand continues to be strong,  as also corroborated by the recently released Q4FY23 GDP data that showed a 6.1% yoy growth (7.2% yoy for FY23). CCP  earnings growth of 20% yoy on a high/normalised base is a reflection of the resilience of our portfolio companies,  particularly during a year with significant pricing pressures. 

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Operations Update-
I. Minimum Top up & SIP investment amount – The minimum Top up and SIP investment amount is now 50,000/- for all products. This will enable many more clients to channel monthly savings into investmentsin  an automated way (much like MF SIP). This can also be a great way to minimize portfolio churn due to rebalancing your portfolio or settlement of any due expenses.
*Note- This deployment of cash is at the discretion of the Portfolio Manager. The amount as small as 50,000/- may remain undeployed for few weeks as it will be just 0.5% in a 1 crore portfolio and would not be substantial for preparing a buy order.To set up SIP refer to the template provided in this link https://marcellus.helpscoutdocs.com/article/100-systematic-investment-plan-sip-faqs, client can either send this filled template to us or login to their Mobile App to send us a request.

II. Bank Account Registration for funding from unregistered bank account- It is important to register a bank account for the purpose of funding or redeeming in a particular PMS account. In case a bank account is not registered and still funds are transferred by the clients, the funds will be not mapped to the portfolio. In order to register a bank account please request clients to write to clientsupport@marcellus.in along with the cheque copy to register the bank details. In case of joint bank account where the joint holder is not a PMS account holder, we would require his/her PAN details or PAN copy to conduct due diligence.

III. DP Closure for full redemption/full switch- It is mandatory to send hardcopies of demat closure forms in case of full redemption as well as full switch to our office address. For initiating the request, you can share an executed scan copy. However, the hard copies should be received at our office within 4-5 days of initiating the request.

IV. Fee Recovery Process- Earlier our invoice communication emails requested clients to let us know their choice if they want us to recover the invoice amount by liquidating securities or if they would top up the portfolio with equivalent amount. From now on, we will just send clients their invoice copy. If clients wish to top up, they can transfer funds within 14 days of the receipt of the invoice. If clients do not wish, then they don’t have to take any action. We will check the account after 14 days, and if no sufficient cash available to recover fee, we will liquidate few securities and settle the expense.

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