• Small Data is More Important than Big Data

    Published on:18 July, 2019 In the context of investing, the current fad for big data and machine learning seems overblown. Successful investing entails understanding basic probabilities well and whilst machines can be used to crunch these...

    Published on 18 Jul, 2019

  • Marcellus: Five Steps to Decluttering our Minds

    Published on:10 July, 2019 The basic steps to reduce mental clutter appear to be relatively straightforward: (1) Start with your goals, (2) Then prioritise your tasks & actions, and (3) Then use checklists for planning & execution. As I cut...

    Published on 10 Jul, 2019

  • Marcellus: The Marvel that is Munger: Learning from the Legend

    Published on:27 June, 2019 Charlie Munger, as much as Warren Buffett, has lessons for those who invest in Indian stocks. The central tenet of our 12 stock portfolio from a 25 stock investment universe is inspired by Munger’s approach to developing...

    Published on 27 Jun, 2019

  • Marcellus: Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World

    Published on:21 June, 2019 In an insightful book written 40 years ago, French philosopher, Rene Girard, explains how in our desires, we are programmed to imitate each other. That in turn leads to conflict & grief which in turn creates the need...

    Published on 21 Jun, 2019

  • Marcellus: Crushing Risk is More Rewarding than Chasing Returns

    Published on:14 June, 2019 High flown theories of Finance & Investing don’t work in India. What works in the Indian stockmarket is risk minimisation. We minimise risks associated with accounting fraud, with topline & bottomline volatility...

    Published on 14 Jun, 2019

  • Marcellus: Your All-Powerful Plastic Brain

    Published on:8 June, 2019 British neuroscientist, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, has shown that the human brain continues to learn, evolve and adapt throughout its life. Her work on the plasticity of the human brain is a tonic for those of us who are keen...

    Published on 08 Jun, 2019

  • Marcellus: India’s tiger boom is System 2 thinking exemplified

    Published on:7 June, 2019 We navigate day-to-day life, making decisions mostly based on our intuitive thinking, which is formed by years of experience in understanding and judging events. However, many important decisions in life, especially in...

    Published on 08 Jun, 2019

  • Marcellus: “Unusual Billionaires” Flip the Competitive Paradigm

    There are around 25 dominant franchises in the BSE500. Most of them have been created by “Unusual Billionaires – promoters or CEOs who saw their sectors through a very different lens than everybody else and then proceeded to flip the competitive...

    Published on 01 Jun, 2019

  • Marcellus: Can Meditation Help Us at Work?

    Inspite of the origins of meditation in the East, it is Western investors who are highlighting to a sceptical world the significant benefits that meditation confers upon practitioners whose day jobs are highly stressful.  “I am so busy today...

    Published on 24 May, 2019

  • Marcellus: The Working Habits of Great Minds

    Published on:17 May, 2019 Pathbreaking work has at its core very hard work, often done in the midst of a well-defined schedule and usually done in solitude. Research shows that the greatest minds of the past three hundred years have used a...

    Published on 17 May, 2019

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