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Consistent Compounders

When ‘Loss Aversion’ Meets ‘Time Horizons’ in Equity Investing

Feb 06 . 8 MIN READ
Little Champs

Little Champs: Spotlighting Vijaya Diagnostic

Jan 31 . 10 MIN READ
Kings of Capital

Boring Companies Compound Profits At 20% p.a.

Jan 23 . 8 MIN READ
Rising Giant

The Cheaper They Get, The More We Buy

Jan 18 . 9 MIN READ
MeritorQ PMS

MeritorQ: The Power of Checklists

Jan 11 . 10 MIN READ
Consistent Compounders

Divis: Greatness in Indian Pharma

Jan 06 . 11 MIN READ


Exit Traditional Capitalism, Enter ‘Capitalism Without Capital’

Feb 07 . 19 MIN READ

The Best Blogs of 2022

Dec 28 . 5 MIN READ

The Best Newsletters of 2022

Dec 27 . 6 MIN READ

3 LoNGs, 3 shorts


The price of ‘sugar free’: are sweeteners as harmless as we thought?

Feb 06 . 4 MIN READ

Everything You Can’t Have

Feb 05 . 2 MIN READ

Eoin Morgan: ‘In the shorter format, every batter has the ability to play aggressively’

Feb 05 . 3 MIN READ

Mewat women have found freedom online. Men can stare, taunt, misuse pics, they won’t sign out

Feb 05 . 3 MIN READ

Bruce Greenwald on the Future of Value-Oriented Investing

Feb 05 . 6 MIN READ

Spread of railways, WWII demands—How USHA sewing machine came to dominate Indian markets

Feb 05 . 5 MIN READ



Marcellus MeritorQ Webinar in GUJRATI – The Power of Checklists


Discussion with Nandan Nilekani & Saurabh Mukherjea – “How Digital Public Goods are Changing India”


Marcellus “Kings of Capital” Webinar – Update on the KCP Portfolio.

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