• Marcellus: The Tussle Between What we “Should do” & What we “Must do”

    Published on:10 May, 2019 For millions of professionals, the tussle between what they feel they should do (because of financial or societal reasons) and what they must do (in order to fulfill deeply felt urges) is the defining tussle of their lives....

    Published on 10 May, 2019

  • Marcellus: The Fed’s Accommodation of Wall Street: Endgame

    Published on: 3 May, 2019 The renewed easing of monetary policy by the Fed is unsustainable. Therefore, we believe it is prudent to prepare for the end of accommodative monetary policy in the US. For India, such a regime change, would increase the...

    Published on 03 May, 2019

  • Marcellus: Our Habits, as Much as Our Brains, Drive Investment Decisions

    Published on: 26 April, 2019 Even though habits account for 40% of the decisions that we make, the “thinking” part of the brain does NOT control our habits. Understanding the auto-reflex element of habit-driven decision making is central to...

    Published on 26 Apr, 2019

  • Marcellus: Three Degrees of Disruption in Home Buying in India

    Published on: 18 April, 2019 The rapidly growing sharing economy, and the availability of easy credit for pursuing ‘dreams’ and ‘desires’, together are shaping the attitude of young Indians towards buying assets. The impact is most visible...

    Published on 18 Apr, 2019

  • Marcellus: The Most Important Questions to Ask Your Fund Manager

    Published on: 17 April, 2019 The clients who ask us the most probing questions tend to have well organised work lives and a fierce focus on doing what is most useful and most enjoyable for them. Everything else is edited out of their lives. Such...

    Published on 17 Apr, 2019

  • Marcellus: India’s Real Economic Dynamo – The Internal Migrant

    Published on: 12 April, 2019 Over the last 40 years, India has seen the largest internal migration that any country has witnessed in any era. Even on conservative assumptions, India’s 100 million internal migrants are sending ‘home’ vast sums...

    Published on 12 Apr, 2019

  • Marcellus: The Foundations of Self-Belief

    Published on: 5 April, 2019 Self-belief is known to be a magical catalyst with a proven track record of delivering transformational results in sport, in business and in investing. The roots of self-belief lie as much in the environment in which an...

    Published on 05 Apr, 2019

  • Marcellus: The Delicate Dance Between Politics, Religion & Investing

    Published on: 29 March, 2019 The triangle of relationships – between politics/state on the first vertex, god/religion/ethics on the second vertex and commerce/investing/property rights on the third vertex – is a delicate interplay. The fact that...

    Published on 29 Mar, 2019

  • Marcellus: Value Investing – The Indian Challenge

    Published on: 22 March, 2019 Around the world, making money from stocks does involve a significant element of market timing. However, for a small minority of stocks in India, the classical value investing paradigm does not readily work. These...

    Published on 22 Mar, 2019

  • Marcellus: The Courage to be Disliked

    Published on: 15 March, 2019 The majority of us spend our lives seeking the approval of others. A few people however have the courage to do things which they know will invite criticism. This rare characteristic – which is often the hallmark of...

    Published on 15 Mar, 2019